—"Directions," an unpublished short story written in 2004 following a trip to France (the same trip I wrote about in the non-fictional "Tour de France 2004"). As I've always liked the tale's narrative propulsion, I revised it in 2011 and posted it here on 6 January 2012.



—"Letter to Evelyn," an unpublished piece of "life-writing" originally composed in 2005 as an invited submission to a women's anthology, Dropped Threads 3. It wasn't bought, because something along the same lines had already been accepted, the editor told me. (My submission was at the last minute because of preliminary e-mails that went astray in both directions. And I didn't have the time to spend on the submission that I would have liked.) I revised it in late 2011 and early 2012 and posted it here on 10 January 2012.
   The "Evelyn" of the title is the daughter I never had; I used the name of my paternal grandmother (also my middle name), who was born in Edinburgh. (In Canada, we pronounce it EH-veh-lin, but I understand that in England it's EVE-lin, whether for a woman or man.) It's a pretty name, rarely encountered here nowadays as it's out of fashion.

Folk dance-related

—"Stockton Folk Dance Camp, 2011," written in August 2011 for the October 2011 issue of the Ontario Folk Dancer magazine. I attended Stockton camp from July 30 to August 6.
—"Explorations in Folklore 4: Two Urban Costumes," written in September 2010. The costumes in question are (1) a style of woman's ensemble that was a fashionable imitation of an "ethnic Russian" costume in the 19th century, and (2) a 20th-century costume of a rich Ottoman woman. The article was published in the 1 October 2010 issue of the Ontario Folk Dancer and in the January 2011 issue of Let's Dance! magazine, the organ of the Folk Dance Federation of California (North), of which I'm a member.
—"Explorations in Folklore 3: My Albanian Journey," written in January 2010 as a long essay (6,700 words) that I posted here in its entirety before chopping it in half so it could appear in the 15 March 2010 issue of the Ontario Folk Dancer magazine.
—"Explorations in Folklore 2: A Childhood in Brittany," written in October 2009 for the 1 December 2009 issue of the Ontario Folk Dancer magazine.
—"Explorations in Folklore 1: Persia Indoors," written in September 2009 for the 15 October 2009 issue of the Ontario Folk Dancer magazine. (About 98% of the folk-dance-related work I do, including all the writing, is done on a volunteer basis.)
—"Newroz Piroz Be" (or, "Happy New Year" in Kurdish), an article I wrote in March 2009 for the 1 May 2009 issue of the Folk Dancer.
—"Tour de France 2004": an article, the text of which consisted mostly of picture captions, published in 2004 about my trip to France; I've added text and pictures to this version.
—From Ontario Folk Dance Camp 2004: a humorous two-page quiz on the Klondike gold rush in the Yukon (pdf, 382KB); the quiz answers are here.
—From OFDC 2002: a humorous quiz on Lewis Carroll and especially his books Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (pdf, 140KB); the quiz answers are here. (Among the myriad sites for those interested in learning more about Carroll are "From Somewhere in Time: A Writer's Blog—with Quite a Lot About Lewis Carroll," by Jenny Woolf, a London-based writer, bookseller and Carroll scholar, and the Lewis Carroll.CC website, "the major websource for all things Carroll.")
Dance notes for Metrelos, a popular dance in the Toronto Armenian community that I researched and introduced to the international dance community; it has now spread across North America via other teachers.
—"How I Started": first in a series of "oral history" articles on how various people in the Ontario folk dance community started folk dancing, playing an instrument, collecting costumes, etc. The first article was about, er, me, since I was ready to hand. A section of "A Tribute to Steve Starchev" was the last in that series, published in Folk Dancer magazine while I was Editor from 1994–97 (as of June 2012, I'm Editor once again).

Articles and photographs done for In House newsletter (for Legislative Assembly of Ontario staff)

—"The Real Toronto Raptors," re Red-Tailed Hawks (2006).
—A book review: A Boy of Good Breeding, by Miriam Toews (2005).
—"Mosaic Floors of the West Wing" of the Legislative Assembly, Queen's Park, Toronto (2004).


—"A Bonfire in the Night," an interview with Spider Robinson conducted in October 2008.
—"The Speculative Torontos of Robert Charles Wilson and Robert J. Sawyer," written in 2003 and updated as necessary since then.

Selected SF author interviews and transcripts for The Voyageur fanzine, which I edited from 1998–2003

Caitlin Sweet, interviewed in March 2003.
James Alan Gardner, interviewed in February 2001 and January 2003.
Edo van Belkom, interviewed in March 2001 and January 2003.
Peter Watts, interviewed in early June, 2001, plus the transcript of a lecture on June 17, 2001.
Robert Charles Wilson, interviewed in August 2001.

On-stage appearances of media guests at Toronto Trek conventions (now called Polaris), first published in The Voyageur fanzine

These were the guests I found the most entertaining of those whose one-hour appearances I audio-recorded and transcribed over a period of about five years:

Anthony Stewart Head (Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer): July 12, 2003.
Amber Benson (Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer): July 6, 2002.
Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar on Babylon 5): July 21, 2001.
Patricia Tallman & Jeffrey Willerth (Lyta and Kosh on Babylon 5): July 16, 2000.
Alexandra Tydings & Claire Stansfield (Aphrodite and Alti on Xena: Warrior Princess): July 15, 2000.
Peter Jurasik, Stephen Furst & Wortham (Bob) Krimmer ("The Three Emperors" on Babylon 5): July 11, 1999.






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